Contact Us
You can reach us through many means. They include:
Tel: 1 (216) 428-4431

A call is better because it makes it easy for you to plan for an appointment and give you necessary advice. For the busy clients, we advise email use. An email is good for requesting copies of your pets’ records and vaccinations. In case you need your records forwarded to you, this is the most effective means.
Information is stored digitally in offices. In case you migrate, it is easy for us to share files with your new office. We believe this is the very best way to keep track of all the records of your pet, to ensure that we have a good representation of what each visit was like.
Is your Pet having some issues?
If you have any questions about your pet, contact our assistance for necessary help. Our office is ready to offer you the necessary guidance on what needs to be done when your pet gets involved in an accident. You should always contact us to be ready to offer emergency services when you are on the road to our vet. For clients who require immediate reactions, similar to the people ER a heads up is recommended. We will do our very best in these situations to offer you advice. We will follow what decisions you make for your pet and family.
How we use your contact information.
We don’t use our client’s information for spamming. However, you should keep note that we offer discounts to our services. If we think that you would be interested in these products, we will be happy to let you know. If you are uncomfortable with these notifications, you can unsubscribe. Once you decide opting out from the notifications, we will not bother you.
Fast and Affordable vet care.
No matter the type of pet you have, we look forward to working with you. We have wide knowledge on all types of pets thus the reason why we can effectively work on any pet. For better vet services that are readily available with appointments, we are here for you. We offer the best services in the region.
We take pride in providing our providers with ongoing education. Through this process, they are kept posted about any advancement in the vet sector. This puts us ahead than other vets in the vicinity. We use the recommended equipment to offer fast diagnosis to your pet to help you save time and money. Through this, you get fast feedback. The results will also help us understand what should be done. Our services are reliable and affordable.