About Us
Our experienced staff is made up of experts dedicated to ensuring your pet’s healthy and safety is taken care of. Our staff is dedicated to ensure our client’s pets are healthy and advised when needed for general life improvement. We use a gentle approach since we know pets are not friendly with vets.
Pet owners know their pets more than we do. Contact us immediately if you see behavior change in your pet.We can run all the tests in the world but without information on where to start, it is a guessing game.
For example, if you see that your pet is drinking more than normal, this could be a sign of diabetes, kidney issues, crystals in their bladder, or other medical issues. However, we are not going to seek out the issue if we aren’t told about this. Monitor your pet’s behavior and its species too. Small rodents for example are prey animals and will hide their injuries and disease until the very last minute. Immediately visit a vet when you notice sickness in your prey pet. They typically do not show there is something wrong until it is too late.
Our Vets treat all kinds of different animals.
We have experience in treating both indigenous and exotic breeds of pets.Once we understand your pet’s anatomy, we stand a chance of offering you the best vet services.We are able to explain why animals change behavior because we have knowledge about various animals.
Cats for example are prone to crystals in their urine. They show the signs of infection by associating the pain with the waste box. For the cat to start using the litter box, contact behavior experts to retrain your cat. Treatment and diagnosis of the crystals is offered at our vets.Even though there are other reasons, this is one reason why your cat restrains from using the litter box.In some cases, it’s the cat’s behavior like the males who like making their places. To ensure that the cat learns completely, there is a need to use gentle correction.
If you have a pet with an acute issue or simply want to have your pet looked at for a check-up, we can help. Our services are trusted with many of our clients. To ensure your pet is safe and healthy, we perform full diagnosis. Despite being cumbersome, pets also have benefits.
Keeping pets healthy and happy is our goal.
Pet owners consider their pets a family and so do we. We mean the best for your pet. In some situations, all it means it’s time for the rainbow bridge for the pets. Here at Pets Capital, we can certainly assist gently with this. We know it is a challenging situation to you. We take care of both the healthy, sick and old animals. Contact us today.