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What does our Elite Cleveland Animal Hospital Offer?

When it comes to pet healthcare, you need the best vets who are readily available whenever you need them. Also, their staff should be friendly and humble, have the needed expertise and be considerate about whatever services they offer. For a vet to offer quality services, they need to use recommended and advanced state of art equipment. Below are services offered in most vet clinics.

1. Injections.

Vaccinations play a big role in your pet’s health. A vaccinated pet is not susceptible to any type of deadly disease. Some diseases do not have a cure so once you vaccinate your cat, it remains safe and healthy. The manner in which you offer vaccinations to your cat depends on the age and lifestyle of your pet. To keep your pets safe from any type of threatening disease, it could help if you vaccinate it during its early stages of life. In case you don’t know how to go about the process, you are advised to visit your vet who will help you draft a schedule.

2. Desexing.

In case you are undecided on whether to desex your pet or not, feel free to consult your veterinarian for further guidance. Most of them will advise you to carry out desexing to reduce the number of offspring which leads to cases of reduced sheltering. Desexing is the process that involves surgery to remove reproductive organs from your pet under the influence of local anesthesia. Neutering is in male pets while spraying is in females. It is a good way of controlling unwanted pregnancies.

3. Microchip placement.

Microchipping is the process of placing a minute identification device with a registry code beneath your pet’s skin. This makes it easy for you to retrace your pet in case it gets lost. Once you register your pet, it is protected by use of a password and to have access to the details, you must first go through an application process. After deciding to use the chip, your vet will advise you in which area the chip should be implanted. The chip can also play a vital role once a dispute over a pet arises. You are therefore recommended to microchip your pet.

4. X-rays.

Also known as radiographs, they assist pets to diagnose your pets without interfering with it. Bones and soft tissues are the main types of tissues that work effectively with this procedure. Dislocations, fractures, and spine related complications are diagnosed by use of x-rays. In matters concerning tissue monitoring, x-rays are used to detect cancer, heart enlargement, bladder stones and constipation among other complications. To plan for an x-ray procedure in any clinic, you should start by making an appointment and at times, you may be ready for admissions.

Other Services Offered by Veterinarians in Cleveland, Ohio

5. Tooth and gum monitoring.

According to research, during early stages pets tend to develop various types of dental complications. To detect dental problems you should be able to observe the smell from your pet’s mouth. Teeth holes, swollen gum, non-stop salivation, plaque and chattering teeth are indications of dental complications. Whenever you notice your pet has dental issues, it’s a clear indication that there may be issues in the heart, kidney or liver. To ensure your pet lives for long, ensure that you offer proper dental care to it. To receive dental related services, book your veterinarian today.

6. Parasite Control.

Endoparasites like whipworms and other external parasites like fleas, and ticks are common in pets. Excessive invasion of these parasites could put your pet’s life at risk. These parasites can be controlled by use of sprays, tablets and chews so that to reduce the rate at which your pet loses its nutrients. You can plan with your vet and schedule on how you can get all the services needed to protect your pet from the parasites. Always keep in mind that prevention is better than cure.

7. Surgical Procedures.

A good facility is that which offers comprehensive pet surgery services by use of advanced equipment. Also, places where the surgical process takes place is sterile and the procedure involved is of high standards. Tumor extraction, diagnostic surgery and intestinal blockages are a few examples of surgeries offered in animal hospitals. Contamination in the surgery room is avoided by ensuring the room is sterilized. To make sure there are no mistakes, the veterinarian works together with a trained nurse throughout the process.

8. Ultrasound.

Currently, most vet clinics offer ultrasonography services to pet owners. This is a painless procedure that helps the veterinarian diagnose various pet organs in a detailed manner through pictorial presentations. High sound waves are used to ensure the process goes through successfully by use of a transducer immediately it gets contact with the body. By the aid of the computer, the voice patterns are transmitted to pictures that show structure and size of the organs in question. Ultrasound is a crucial procedure that enables a veterinarian to inspect vital pet organs.

9. Clinical Pathology.

Also called clinical pathology allows vets to diagnose your pet’s health conditions. Therefore, once the vet understands the conditions, he is at the position of monitoring the treatment process or even checks organs that are difficult to diagnose physically. Tests like biopsy examination, fecal and blood test take place in the laboratory. Infections that are tested by use of indoor testing include hormonal imbalance, diabetes and cancer.

10. Weight loss therapy.

It’s not only in humans but also in pets that excess fat can cause a lot of risks. Even though you love your pet and never want to see it go hungry, you are advised to reduce the rate at which you offer food to them. Once your pet starts putting up too much weight, it will become soft and reluctant. Always contact your vet to advise you on how to go about the weight loss program.


Be assured that the vet you choose offers unique and comprehensive services to ensure its safety. Make sure you trust the services given from the vet clinic.

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